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Lagree Vs Pilates



In the world of fitness, Lagree and Pilates stand out as two prominent exercise methods, each offering unique approaches to achieving strength, flexibility, and overall well-being. Understanding the differences between these practices can help individuals make informed decisions about which one aligns best with their fitness goals.

Similarities and Differences

Similarities: At their core, Lagree and Pilates share common objectives. Both emphasize the development of core strength, enhancement of flexibility, and improvement of posture through controlled movements and breathing techniques. Additionally, they incorporate principles such as concentration, control, and alignment to promote an overall holistic fitness experience.

Differences: Despite their similarities, Lagree and Pilates have differences in several key aspects. While Pilates focuses on gradual, controlled movements performed on the Reformer machine or mat, Lagree introduces a dynamic element with its use of the Megaformer. Lagree workouts integrate high-intensity exercises targeting multiple muscle groups simultaneously, leading to greater cardiovascular engagement and calorie expenditure compared to Pilates. Lagree incorporates principles from other exercise styles, such as bodybuilding, to further enhance its effectiveness.


Aspect Similarities Differences
Objectives Core strength, flexibility, and posture improvement Pilates: Emphasizes controlled movements and breathwork Lagree: Integrates high-intensity exercises targeting multiple muscle groups
Principles Concentration, control, and alignment principles Lagree incorporates principles from bodybuilding for enhanced effectiveness
Equipment Utilizes specific machines 

Pilates: uses the Reformer or mat

Lagree: The Megaformer offers increased intensity and versatility compared to the Reformer

Cardiovascular Both promote cardiovascular health to some extent Lagree offers greater cardiovascular engagement and calorie expenditure due to its high-intensity nature


Choosing the Right Fit: Personal Preferences and Fitness Goals

The decision between Lagree and Pilates ultimately boils down to individual preferences and fitness objectives. Individuals seeking a mindful, low-impact workout with an emphasis on core strength and flexibility may find Pilates to be the ideal choice. On the other hand, those desiring a more intensive, full-body workout with added cardiovascular benefits may gravitate towards Lagree.

Equipment and Intensity

Another factor to consider is the equipment used in each method. While Pilates utilizes the Reformer machine or mat to facilitate controlled movements, Lagree employs the Megaformer, offering increased intensity and versatility in muscle targeting. The Megaformer's design allows for a broader range of exercises and adjustments, resulting in a more challenging and dynamic workout experience.

What to wear to Pilates or Lagree?

When considering attire for Pilates or Lagree workouts, incorporating Makai's non-seamless athletic collection is the perfect choice. The non-seamless construction of Makai's apparel ensures optimal comfort and flexibility during dynamic movements, complementing the demands of these exercise routines. The thoughtfully designed pieces offer a blend of functionality and style, facilitating unrestricted movement while maintaining a sleek aesthetic. Embracing Makai's collection of scrunch leggings, buttery soft tops, bottoms and outerwear as part of one's workout attire enhances the overall experience, promoting both confidence and performance in Pilates or Lagree sessions.


In the debate between Lagree and Pilates, there is no clear winner. Both methods offer distinct benefits and cater to different fitness preferences. Whether you prefer the gradual progression of Pilates or the dynamic intensity of Lagree, incorporating either into your fitness routine can lead to improved strength, flexibility, and overall fitness.

So, which path will you choose to elevate your fitness journey?

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