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Tan for Wedding


tan for wedding


Getting ready for a wedding is super exciting, but sometimes people worry about getting the perfect tan.

Imagine wanting to shine on your special day, but wondering how to make your skin look just right. Well, we got you covered!

This quick guide will help everyone find the best way to get a beautiful glow before they say "I'do".

Spray Tan for Wedding

Tans with Professional Expertise

With a customized spray tan, the bride can get the exact tan shade she envisions, making her skin look flawless and radiant. It's like a confidence boost, giving her that extra glow for all the pictures and memories on her wedding day. Many people get spray tans before weddings so finding a suitable artitist is an easy google search away. 

For the Party too! 

Getting a spray tan for a wedding is like giving everyone in the bridal party a sun-kissed boost. It's not just for the bride – it's for everyone who wants that  glowing look. The technicians can adjust the tan to match different skin tones, so everyone can have a natural and even glow. So, when the bridal party stands together, everyone shines with confidence, looking their best for the celebration. 

How to Cover Tan Lines for Wedding

Strategic Clothing Choices

Thoughtful choices in clothing play a key role in effectively hiding tan lines. When choosing your wedding dress and accessories, think about where tan lines might be and make sure they are discreetly covered. Take a close look at the style and design of your dress to ensure it conceals any tan lines seamlessly. By considering the placement of tan lines while selecting your outfit, you can make sure that you look picture-perfect and feel confident on your special day.

Quick Fixes with Body Bronzers

When in need of a quick fix, turn to body bronzers or tinted lotions to temporarily mask tan lines. These products offer an instant solution for flawless-looking skin on your big day.

Alternatives to Spray Tan for Wedding

Sunless Tanning Lotions

Sunless tanning lotions are a great alternative to spray tans. These lotions provide a natural-looking tan without the need for professional application, offering a convenient alternative.

Gradual Tanners

Consider a gradual tanning mousse for a subtle and buildable tan leading up to the wedding. This option is perfect for those who prefer a gradual approach to achieve the desired glow.

Kepp in Mind: 

  • Embrace Your Unique Glow:

Remember to choose method, if any,  that resonates with your personal preferences. Your wedding day is about you, and the chosen tan should enhance your unique beauty.

  • Plan Ahead: 

Plan and try out your chosen tanning method a good while before the wedding day. This way, you can get used to how it works and make any changes if needed to get the perfect glow for the wedding. Testing things out early helps make sure everyone feels comfortable and looks just right when the big day comes. It's like practicing a dance before a performance – you want to make sure everything goes smoothly when it's showtime!


Achieving the perfect wedding tan involves selecting the method that aligns with your preferences and lifestyle. Whether opting for a professional spray tan or exploring at-home alternatives, the goal is to make you feel confident and radiant on your special day.

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