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Your Guide to Tanning Without Tanning Lotions


 how to tan without tanning lotion

Can you tan without tanning lotion? 

Yes, it is possible to tan without using tanning lotion, but it's not recommended. While tanning beds and natural sunlight can both induce tanning, using lotion can significantly enhance the process and protect your skin.

Dry skin reflects UV light, which can inhibit the tanning process and increase the risk of skin damage. Tanning lotion helps to keep the skin hydrated, allowing for a deeper, more even tan while reducing the potential for skin damage.

How to Tan Without Tanning Lotion

There are ways to get a tan without using traditional tanning lotions and spending hours in the sun, however, Using a sunless tanning lotion is not only a great alternative to the traditional tanning lotion, it is quick, reduces aging, and buildable to your preferred results.  

Research conducted by the American Tanning Institute has shown that indoor tanning products enhance both tan-ability and moisturization, making them essential for maximizing the effectiveness of your tanning session.

How to Tan Without Tanning Oil

Achieving a sun-kissed glow doesn't always have to involve using tanning oils.  Instead, using self tanning products allow you to get same or darker tan from the comfort of your own home. Unlike tanning oils, self tanning products reduce the risk of sunburn, skin damage, staining and sticking. Tanning oils often contain ingredients that attract and intensify UV rays, while not providing adequate protection from them. With a good self tanner, you can protect your skin while building your glow. 

how ot speed up tanning

How to Speed Up Tanning

For those eager to tan quicker, one method is to use a sunless tanner. It is literally getting a tan in 10 minuets without the sun, yet looking like you've been in the sun for hours. Good self tanners act like a turbo boost for tanning, giving the skin a radiant glow without needing any time in the sun. 

How to Cover White Sunspots from Tanning

When it comes to dealing with white sunspots from tanning, there are effective solutions. Exfoliation and moisturization can definitely help. Exfoliation is like a gentle scrub that helps remove dead skin cells, and moisturization keeps the skin hydrated, promoting a more even tone.

As an alternative, for those who prefer to avoid the sun, – gradual self-tanning products are the way to go. Instead of sun exposure, these products offer a gradual and controlled way to even out the skin tone.


There are a couple ways to tan without the use of oils and lotions that help protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Opting for a healthier and safer alternative, such as self tanning products, will leave your skin glowing, youthful and healthy. 

 Updated: 3/25/24

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