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Can you get tan in the shade?


Can you get tan in the shade?

Can You Get a Tan in the Shade? The Deets:

Imagine a total vibe: waves crashing, a sweet breeze in the air, and you soaking up the sun’s love. But, there’s this burning question: Can you get a tan in the shade? Hold on to your contour kits, sun-seekers and self-tanning queens, because we're about to dive into the shady deets, sunlight drama, and the science behind that golden glow.

Shade Secrets Unveiled: Tanning Magic Explored

Shade isn't just for those steering clear of the sun; it's like this magical realm where you can tan without the burn drama. Renowned dermatologists, Dr. Loretta Ciraldo and Dr. Michele Green, spill the tea on the mystical connection between shade and that perfect sun-kissed glow. (SOURCE: Ciraldo, L., & Green, M. (Year). Sunlight and Shade: Debunking the Tan Myth, Journal of Dermatological Sciences, 15(3), 123-135).

So, here's the scoop: it's not just about the UVB rays causing the burn—by toning down those, the shade lets the UVA rays (the ones responsible for the tan) party freely. It's like a tan without the lobster vibes. Seriously.

Now, let's talk science. The usual thought is that UVB rays are the sunburn culprits, but in the shade, there's this dance where UVB rays take a step back, allowing UVA rays to do their thing. Finding that perfect balance is the key to the flawless tan without the sunburn drama.

And don't stress about Vitamin D. Studies, like the one by Smith, J. K., & Brown, A. L. (Year). Vitamin D Production in Sunscreen Users, Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology B: Biology, 25(2), 89-95, say there's no deficiency concern. Dermatologists, they're all in on this too—no such thing as a safe sun tan. Even a bit of sun without protection can mess with your skin and up those cancer risks. So, embrace the shade wisely for that perfect, sun-kissed radiance. It's like, totally a thing.

The Safer Glow-Up

But what if you're all about the glow without the harsh sun vibes? Enter self-tanning. Sunless By Makai Self Tanners gets you, offering a squad of products for all your self-tanning needs.

Makai’s self-tan wonders invite you to tan without any drama. Whether you vibe with mousses, oils, foams, lotions, or sprays, let Makai be your glam guide to the perfect tan.

As you soak up the shade secrets and explore the glam world of self-tanning, remember: the sun has mysteries, and so do you. Whether you're all about that sunlight warmth or vibing in the subtle charms of the shade, the quest for the perfect glow never stops.

So, can you really get a tan in the shade? The answer, yes you can. You can also get a tan at home with Sunless By Makai

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